• Sunburst by George Woollard

Artist’s Statement

I think of myself as a painter regardless of the medium I am working in. In my mind, a painter is a story teller, someone who imagines, projects and follows his curiosity. Media and techniques come and go but I never stop imagining. There is always the question, what if…? And then I try it.

There is a difference between process and technique. Techniques are specific to certain media but process can be applied to any medium. My process allows me to juggle and balance the characteristics of one technique against another. Working in a variety of ways propels my work exponentially. In effect, I feel a bounce when I shift from medium to medium. It is stimulating to think of how watercolor is like sculpture. I like to think that I am getting good at inventing, at finding connections even when there do not seem to be any. I want my work to feel like it is on its way to becoming something, that it is in a state of transition.

My basic philosophy is that I am responsible for only half of the finished product, the other half is furnished by the media that go into it. I collaborate, direct and assemble but in the end the art must come to me as much as I go to it.