Composite Sculptures

I seem to have a fair number of spare parts lying around the studio, smallish wood and lacquer objects that were meant for one thing and then got left behind. The idea of sculptures being made of of parts appeals to me because they can be made into constructions that are entirely fanciful. There is a transformation that is suddenly energizing when these lonely pieces find each other. It is like they were meant for each other all along but did not recognize their affinity.

My job is to be a visionary and seeing these things come alive when they are put together convinces me. Seeing is believing. Somehow, the wood which has real heft, and the color which is deep and organic come together to make real and yet novel things. This is what I want my art to do, to be absolutely convincing in it’s physicality but totally surprising in its interpretation.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the art pieces, please contact the artist.