Hindsight by George Woollard


I am curious, I want to know the unknowable, I want to see with touch and even with sound.

What would happen if —-

Some old plywood is given to my students who then build up the surfaces with bees wax and then abandon them.

Do I throw them out or embrace them into new configurations that I would never have thought of otherwise?

Well then, let’s gang them up and mount them onto a frame, that should give them more authority.

And if I transform them again with repeated applications of colored lacquers to make them more unified.

And the first color is black to give the piece depth and the second color is white to lighten and brighten the surface.

Now give the whole thing a light sanding to bring out the texture and let light play on the the bas relief.

In the upshot, what we  have is a hybrid, a metamorphosis of materials, intents, techniques, and moments in time.

What it is is hard to say, it is so many things, but there it is never the less.

In a similar way, any thing picked up at random from the natural world would take quite a while to explain. Like what is a pebble or a flower? It is so obvious, anyone can see it and believe it but who can really explain it?

Maybe this is what is so amazing, the mystery of creation, not what something is but what something is not. It is not mine, it is not your’s, it is not a painting and it is not a sculpture.

Maybe by consistently destroying its identity it finally finds its identity.


Hindsight by George Woollard

Hindsight / 4.25″x13.25″ / encaustic with cashew lacquer on panel

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