The Edge of Wetness: taking a closer look at art

This book is my hand reaching out to connect with the larger world. As an artist and as a teacher, I feel that it is important to communicate.  The art work that I do is the result of a life time of experiences dedicated to the creative spirit. It is my passion and my privilege to make art. I have been drawn in different directions along the way and am using this format to investigate the forces driving these works. When I look at texts about artists, it is the autobiographical statements that interest me most. It is the artist talking about his work in his own words and this is what you will find here. I want to understand myself. This is why I make art, it comes from a deep seated need and I hope that you will sense my sincerity both in the words and in the images.

You will find interviews, myself with myself and a colleague with me. There are sections that are transcripts of classes I have given, some poetic interpretations, and samples of my work along with brief explanations. This book has been in the making for some twenty years but still only touches the surface of all the efforts I have made in art. I hope that my sharing finds some resonance with you.

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